The Story of SportsMortgage

How We Started the Journey.

Est. 1979

Who we are

We are SportsMortgage. Starting as an idea that has been forming over the past couple years, we launched Spring 2016. SportsMortgage is a subsidiary program under Tekamar Mortgages Ltd. While we may be using SportsMortgage as a brand and a name for our sports sponsorship program, we don't want to hide our roots. Established over 35 years ago, Tekamar Mortgages has been helping people from all over the country with their financing needs. Located in Beautiful Salmon Arm, British Columbia, we've been helping in the community since the day we started.

While always trying to give back when possible, we decided it was time to make our own dedicated program to helping give kids a chance to have better organized sports in their lives. We're proud of our legacy and determined to keep making it better. Talk to us, you'll be impressed.

Tekamar Mortgage's Logo
A view of Salmon Arm Scenery
A view of Beautiful British Columbia's Shuswap Lake

Our Services

Our services include anything and everything related to land financing, from homes to commercial buildings and everything in between. While this list of four of our more popular services covers some of what we do, it's really just scratching the surface. To see the rest, check out Tekamar Mortgages' Services Page.

New Mortgages

Whether you’re purchasing your first home, or relocating to a new one, Tekamar Mortgages provides superior service for your mortgage process needs.

First-time buyer

Are you planning on buying your first home? Tekamar Mortgages can help make sure you feel in control from finding that perfect place to walking into your new home.


Love the home you're in? Would you love it more with a new kitchen? We can help you access the equity in your house so it can be an even better home.

Lender Switch

Is your mortgage coming up for renewal? Not sure if you want to keep your current lender or switch to a new one? No worries, we'll take a look at your situation and find the best (and probably lowest-rate) mortgage for you.

Brokers and Team

A small team that strives for big results. We'll put the best broker suited to your deal to work on it. Just to make sure everything works out perfectly.

Image of Owner Richard Smith

Richard Smith

Founder / Broker

Image of Broker Ester Arrowsmith

Ester Arrowsmith


Image of Program Director Pete Deisroth

Pete Deisroth

SportsMortgage Program Director / Broker

Image of MIC Manager Tom Arrowsmith

Tom Arrowsmith

MIC Manager / Broker

Worried about the Distance?

Don't be. If it was 1999 we'd have an issue, but because it'sthe internet makes it super easy to work with you no matter where you are. So unlike your teenage kid, with us you don't need to worry about being in a long distance relationship.